Forced Marriage Is Not Being Taken Seriously in the UK

5 April 2022

Despite progress on legislation, forced marriage remains a hidden crime – with victims dismissed for ‘cultural’ reasons, says survivor Aklima Bibi. Many young people in the UK are lucky enough to know they will meet someone, fall in love, and marry of their own free will.

However, there are many young people who still do not have that choice – even when living on British soil. Too many young women and girls from ethnic minority groups continue to be forced into marriage. Just like me. I was barely a teenager when I was ‘shipped off’ to my country of origin – Bangladesh – and forced to marry my first cousin. I was not alone. This was the fate of many unfortunate young British girls during the 1980s and 1990s.

Having arrived in Bangladesh, I was taken to a remote village with no infrastructure, running water, or electricity, and forced to marry against my will.  Read more

5 April 2022; 

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