We aim to create ‘A CHAIN REACTION OF BETTERMENT’ by educating, inspiring, and empowering women all over the world. It may be daunting, but EVERY SUCCESS STARTS WITH A WILL TO TRY.

My personal charity work includes – supporting domestic violence victims, the building of schools in Bangladesh to encourage girls education and eliminate child marriages. I was also involved in rescue missions of victims of forced marriages as well as helping to bring perpetrators of rapes and gang rapes to face justice. Despite many obstacles and risks, I continue to provide vital support to women and girls including human rights education.

It doesn’t matter what race, religion, gender, or region of the world you come from – we welcome all to join forces to help each other. In particular, we welcome stories from all women & girls around the world to be published on our page or blog on our website. We are also interested in women & girls who would like to share inspiring or brave stories by joining our online TV show. Please check our – In the Media page for more details.

“On a mission to eliminate violence against women & girls”

“Only a Great man will stand tall & proud behind his daughter until she becomes Great! That is when he claims his true title as a Father” (Aklima Bibi)