Aklima Bibi

Businesswoman and Philanthropist

Professionally – I am a highly experienced business and legal professional, with a clear, logical mind, a proactive approach to problem-solving, and a drive to see things through to completion. Someone who has a demonstrable passion for promoting and supporting human rights and global justice. I am also a winner of the Influential Businesswomen award 2021 (Most Influential Legal Consulting Director UK) https://www.acquisition-international.com/issues/2021-influential-businesswoman-awards/18/

Personally – against all odds, I survived many forms of abuse. From being engaged at 9, forced to marry while still a teenager, drugged and raped. As well as survived years of domestic abuse, mental health issues, and even survived attempted contract killing! I fought and proved myself to be a warrior against a culture where a girl or a woman would be killed for being too independent or being too ambitious. A culture where women or girls have no voice. After having fought off an honour-based mob attack while in Bangladesh, I was named ‘British Bandit Queen’.

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My Book

“In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that BLOSSOM at their feet.” (Albert Schweitzer, Theologian).                                                                                                  

“In these circumstances, when you’ve got a British girl, often you’re seen as a commodity.” “Because she’s got a passport, he can get a visa”, and work in the UK.“We’re seeing a generational strategy to emigrate to the UK.” (Alan Morrison, the British Consul in Bangladesh, BBC – My Forced Unwanted Wedding, 2011).

My story is no ordinary story; it tells of a whole cycle of violence, from forced marriage to domestic abuse, and police corruption to attempted contract killing. My sin – being a British Bangladeshi woman! I was used and abused in the name of money, property, and – most importantly – a UK visa, a British passport. I was a modern- day slave in Britain in the name of honour and izzat, an item who was traded for my extended family’s better life and then used as a commodity for my husband’s entire family to live off. I was an educated, intelligent British woman, an international businesswoman, an inspector, an auditor, and a lawyer, but I was still a caged bird, a zombie, a robot doing what I was told to do. But why?

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What we do

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“Writing is liberating – it gives you passion, pleasure and freedom all at once” (Aklima Bibi). 

We welcome, articles from women & girls around the world to be published on our blog. If you have a story which you wish to publish on our website, let us know. Send you article(s) to: info@aklimabibi.com. Terms and condition apply.

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In the media

Community, social and legal issues with a view to raising awareness

Gallery of achievements.

“Life time of struggles have lead me to build my strength, defiance and resilience”

“Education gave me knowledge, knowledge gave me power, Power to be my own Free Queen”

My mother told me that “My heaven lies under the feet of my husband and that as a woman, I am the man’s slave” I disagreed;

The women in my community say “ A good woman is a woman, who can cope with a bad husband” That also, I disagreed. Aklima Bibi

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What my clients' say

“Just want to say that your support has been very helpful especially at short notice and
gives me confidence going into the hearing tomorrow”

ZULF, Sheffield (Paralegal support, children’s matter)

“I know you are fighter naturally. the truth needs to be told. Honesty prevails. I will not
have reached out to you if I thought differently. giving you a heads up”

ZULF, Sheffield (Litigant in Person Support – Children)

“… thank you so much to you and your team for all the help you have provided me with
my lands in Bangladesh”

S. Rahman (Birmingham UK, Sunamgonj  BD, BD Land )

“If it wasn’t for Aklima Bibi I wouldn’t know if I would have sorted my problems…..”

Fahmida Begum (Legal issue at the Bangladesh High Commission)

“I searched all social media for months. I can’t believe you managed to locate her within
hours. Thank you so much”

(Private Investigation – tracing ex-partner for a family matter.

“where do I start ….Aklima has been very helpful from the day I asked for help…providing continuous support…..to overcome my struggles……if you don’t mind I will be recommending your help. Thanks once again”

F. Begum