Being Poor doesn’t mean ‘NO HOPE’ – Prime Minister of Bangladesh helps Rima Begum

Compassionate & Caring Prime Minister of Bangladesh – Sheike Hasina helps cancer patient Rima Begum, after receiving request & information from Aklima Bibi.

On the 3 September at about 16.55pm, UK time I received a message / attachment in Bangla on my Facebook inbox, from  a reporter SM Helal.

I looked at the contents with a photo attached of a little girl with a tumour on her leg, a very distressing image.

I was intrigued to read the contents and even though my Bangla is not that good, I made an effort and managed to read it.

I understood that the child is Rima Begum, suffering from cancer, from Osmaninogar, Sylhet Bangladesh. She has had some treatment at a government hospital in Sylhet but had been declined further treatment due to lack of funds.

I also understood that the family is looking for donation for the child’s medical treatment, which will cost around taka 40,000 (about £380.00)

I then telephoned SM Helal on Facebook and after introduction, I asked him how sure he was about the child and this story? He stated that he only came to know about the child that same afternoon but cannot verify the story. 

I said that if I was going to pay the medical fees of 40,000 taka, I need the story and the child to be verified. Further stating that I will only pay the medical bill directly to the hospital after the treatment. I will not hand over any monies to the family. That was my condition.

That same evening the reporter had visited the child, took photos and advised me that she was 11 years old,  has no mother, and father is not keen on her. The child is depending on her grandmother for her daily care.

The reporter stated that the child looked hopeless and not only enduring physical pain but constantly having to hear her father openly wishing for her to die. This is because the child is in constant pain and he cannot afford her daily medication which cost taka 200 (about £1.80). He doesn’t even earn this amount to feed his family.

The reporter further stated that the child hasn’t smiled in about six months. In an attempt to see if she will smile, he showed her my photo on his mobile and said “look this lady will help you, you’ll get better soon – HAVE HOPE! Upon hearing this news the child smiled.

The next day, reports quickly circulated about myself – the generous donor offering to help.

I was also getting mix messages including that taka 40,000 may not be enough for the medical treatment.  I feared that this child was likely to be used as some sort of commercial gain and not get the adequate care. 

My compassion for the child grew stronger and therefore I approached various friends and associates. One of them suggested diplomatic approach to take her to Pakistan for treatment.

With my compassion running high for this child, I took the liberty to approach the Bangladesh Prime Minister – Sheike Hasina.

In the meantime the child was in pain from the wound or the infected area of her leg.

Cancer patient Rima Begum aged 11

I checked the medical reports sent across to me by SM Helal, which states cancer of the bone tibia. 

I arranged to provide the child with prescription medication which the family cannot afford, through a local pharmacy in Sylhet.

In the meantime, on 6 September, I spoke to the Honourable Prime Minister’s Assistant Private Secretary – Kazi Nishat Rasul. After various exchange of text messages and phones calls I was given hope for this child’s treatment.

The Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheike Hasina will help!


The Prime Minister’s office arranged for local government officials to visit the child and take immediate action to take her to a hospital in Dhaka.

However, as my reputation of a stranger going beyond her way to help a helpless child spread across Osmaninogar – some of my enemies from the past were being awaken. These men played a role in the past, with a dispute with my ex husband who hired them to ‘fight’ against me.

They tried to ruin my reputation then, tried to send me to prison with false allegation and even tried to kill me together with my children. BUT FAILED! More stories can be found on my blog ‘British Bandit Queen’ and my book called Londoni Bride (being published soon) 

Envious of my success, the old enemies (some of the village men) started their slanderous campaign to halt this, purely a humanitarian mission to save a child.

They have failed then, and they have failed now. I have no benefit other than to help this child who is not even personally known to me.  I wish these men will grow up and stop trying to bring me down!

Regardless, upon instruction from the PM’s office, the local officials – District Commissioner for Osmaninogar and UNO Officer Mr. Anisur Rahman took action. They arranged to take the child to the hospital in Dhaka on 11/9/18. 

Since then, the child is being looked after very well and receiving the vital care and treatment with the instructions and wishes of the Honourable Prime Minister – Sheike Hasina. I wish Rima Begum full and speedy recovery.

A big thank you to the ‘Caring, compassionate Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh – Sheike Hasina’  Truly a People’s Person.

Compassionate & Caring Prime Minister of Bangladesh – Sheike Hasina


Aklima Bibi – Director / Human Rights Lawyer

Article written on 14 September 2018.

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